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Aaron Judge doesn’t preclude plausibility of outperforming 2022 HR absolute: ‘No one can say with any certainty’

Aaron Judge didn’t preclude the chance of breaking his American Association single-season grand slam record he just set a season prior while addressing columnists after the finish of the Yankees first full-crew spring preparing practice on Monday.

“No one can say for sure,” he said on Monday. “I could do without putting a number on it. I only similar to going out there and attempting to control what I have some control over, however no one can really tell what could occur. Thus, we’ll see around 62.”

Judge outperformed Roger Maris’ record of 61 homers last season and was casted a ballot AL MVP, taking down two-way genius Shohei Ohtani. His record-breaking season drove him to capitalize on a nine-year, $360 million agreement to keep him in the Bronx through the 2031 season.

“Last year was fun pursuing history and having those minutes,” Judge said. “Each time we play in New York I feel like you’re pursuing history. It’s never a cakewalk in the Bronx, that is without a doubt. You need to embrace those difficulties.”

The slugger isn’t going into the forthcoming season satisfied with his past achievements as the star means to continue to work on his game. Judge is known to stir things up around town into the seats at any opportunity, yet he likewise strikes out at a high rate, adding up to 175 strikeouts last season — really great for seventh in the Majors.
“I think contact rate is something I need to develop,” he said.

A few hitters around the association endeavor to keep away from strikeouts by utilizing a two-strike approach as opposed to taking enormous swings that are generally seen when pitchers are behind in the count. Judge’s partner, Anthony Rizzo, is known to tear up on his bat as a two-strike approach, permitting the first baseman to swing faster and connect.

“I’ve conversed with other major leaguers around the game that I appreciate their swing.” Judge said. “I was like, ‘Hello, we should go out to supper. We should hit in the enclosure. Allow me to get your feedback a smidgen about what you do in the crate.’

“There’s simply a few people I’ve conversed with that have some great two-strike approaches and I may be blending that in there occasionally.”

Judge likewise noticed his expectations to win a Gold Glove grant, an honor that has evaded the outfielder. Judge was an AL finalist for right field last season in the wake of investing energy in focus field and his regular position.

“There’s a Gold Glove in there some place,” he said. “I couldn’t say whether it’ll be this year several years not too far off, yet it’ll get sorted out.”