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FBI examines dead body in packs in upstate N.Y. regarding missing Brooklyn man trapped in snare of blackmail

The FBI is examining whether a body stuffed in two gym bags and unloaded behind an upstate New York home is a missing Brooklyn man who vanished subsequent to starting a new business with two men to sell very good quality watches, government specialists claim.

The dreary adventure started June 25, when the casualty passed on his Brooklyn loft in a hysterical endeavor to pay the men part of $500,000 they guaranteed he owed them.

On Feb. 21, FBI specialists viewed what they suspect as his remaining parts reserved in two gym bags behind a house on Ulster Levels Street in Ellenville, in Ulster District. He was shot to death, government examiners uncovered Wednesday.

A state police representative depicted the region as a potential crowd unloading ground from many years prior, yet had no data about the remaining parts.

The federal authorities captured one of the two suspects, Shlomo Patchiav, 42, and accused him of coercion and are examining him and others, “… regarding the blackmail and obvious homicide of Casualty 1 who disappeared from Brooklyn, New York, approximately June 25, 2022,” as per a criminal objection composed by a specialist with the FBI’s Eurasian Coordinated Wrongdoing Team.

Patchiav’s anonymous assistant traveled to the Republic of Georgia toward the finish of June, specialists said.

Policing said the casualty is accepted to be Shehroz Tokhirov, 43, who left his Kensington condo the morning of June 25 and stayed away forever. His little girl would not converse with the Everyday News.
John Marzulli, a representative for the U.S. Lawyer’s office in Brooklyn said that the body stays unidentified forthcoming DNA testing.

Patchiav, who’s blamed for government coercion charges, was requested delivered on $350,000 bond after a meeting planned for Brooklyn Bureaucratic Court Wednesday evening.

“Shehroz was a decent man and a sibling to the local area,” said a companion who works at the Masjid Imam Abu Hanifa-Light of Trust mosque, close where Tokhirov worked. “He possessed cleaning organizations that adjusted lodgings in Ohio before he came to New York.”

Police visited the mosque not long after the vanishing searching for tips.

” The examination has gone no place,” the companion told The News. “We dread awful.”

As per the criminal protest, the person in question and his child initially met with Patchiav and his accessory on June 17, to discuss potentially selling top of the line watches.

The criminal grievance doesn’t carefully describe the situation, however things went south quick for the person in question, and the two men began requesting he pay them $500,000.

On June 25, the man left his home at around 9:45 a.m. with a dark shopping pack, expecting to mollify the men by giving Patchiav’s assistant about $100,000 in real money, another $30,000 from his ledger, and his Mercedes.

His family at absolutely no point ever saw or addressed him in the future, yet observation film and bank records uncovered a few traces of his development, as per the grievance.

That day, he and Patchiav’s associate visited a public accountant in Brooklyn to sign a proclamation saying that on the off chance that he didn’t pay the obligation by 11:59 p.m., he’d surrender responsibility for Mercedes.

The casualty likewise gave a $20,000 bank check to Patchiav’s accessory, and pulled out $10,000 in real money.

Sometime thereafter, at around 5:40 p.m., Patchiav’s assistant went to a vehicle sales center in Huntington, Penn., and purchased a Chevy Malibu for $2,500, as per the grumbling.

The vehicle was a junker, and the seller made sense of it had electrical issues, however the man said he just required it for one outing to Brooklyn.

Almost three hours from that point forward, Patchiav’s associate was discovered on video purchasing gym bags in Brooklyn, the protest said.

The following day, June 26, a tow truck got the Chevy Malibu in Brooklyn in line with an obscure guest, and pulled it to the Ellenville home.

Witnesses saw Patchiav’s associate in Ellenville utilizing a mallet to break the back window of the Malibu to get inside, the grumbling claims. He eliminated archives from the glove box, and trash and instruments from the storage compartment.

He then, at that point, utilized a nursery hose to wash down the Malibu, and the devices, the grumbling claims.

On June 27, Patchiav’s partner purchased a ticket for a Turkish Carriers departure from Kennedy Air terminal to the Republic of Georgia, leaving the following day.

Specialists halted him before he boarded, and he recognized that he knew the person in question and that the man owed him cash for top of the line watches he and Patchiav gave him to sell. The accessory likewise conceded that the casualty gave him a $20,000 check, $10,000 in real money and his Mercedes.

He was conveying $26,500 and a mobile phone, and specialists held onto both, however let him take his flight. The telephone had records of the associate and Patchiav informing each other on WhatsApp about the casualty’s obligation, as well as a photograph of the legal official assertion the casualty marked and a video of a lot of money.

At the point when they looked through the Malibu, specialists tracked down instruments, including a haul wrench, forceps and a vehicle jack, large numbers of them with hints of blood that matched the casualty’s DNA, the protest said.
On Feb. 21, the federal authorities tracked down human remaining parts behind the home “distending from two enormous, dim shaded duffle-style packs, predictable in appearance with the sacks bought by (the accessory) on June 25, 2022,” the objection peruses.

The federal authorities additionally found apparel like what the casualty wore the day he vanished.At Patchiav’s security hearing, Officer Judge Sanket Bulsara punched at the holes in the criminal objection, and barbecued Partner U.S. Lawyer Lindsey Oken about Patchiav’s supposed association in attempting to conceal the wrongdoing, and assuming that he had any connections to the Malibu.

Oken brought up that Patcheiv was at the Ellenville home, yet the appointed authority referred to her as “roundabout and cagey” and countered, “The response to my inquiry is you can’t explicitly tie — you can for the most part say he was where impediment occurred.”

“I simply need to be certain that this isn’t a situation of wrong-place, wrong time,” Oken said. She called him a flight risk, taking note of he’s an Israeli resident with an Israeli identification and broad worldwide travel history.

“There is a co-plotter who previously escaped the country,” she said.

Patchiav’s attorney, Michael Weil, additionally scrutinized the public authority’s proof connecting him to the killing.

“The greater part of the lead that is claimed, going to Pennsylvania, purchasing the vehicle, washing the devices, getting the title to the Mercedes Benz, was all supposedly finished by the co-backstabber,” he told the appointed authority. “The charges of what he really did comparable to impediment of equity, coercion, murder, is all incredibly ambiguous.”

Patchiav’s family declined remark outside the court Wednesday.