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Jacque Vaughn says involving iPad for changes is building congruity: ‘We didn’t have that beforehand’

“The old eye overhead don’t lie.”

It’s a line Jacque Vaughn’s school mentor utilized during his more youthful playing days, one Vaughn used to make sense of why he regularly utilizes an iPad to train his players during breaks in-game.

One of the starkest contrasts among Vaughn and his ancestor Steve Nash as Nets lead trainer is the utilization of breaks. Where Nash would frequently allow one mishandled play to accelerate into a drawn out run for the rival, Vaughn calls a break right away on the off chance that the bungle is sufficiently glaring.

Also, he’s involving an iPad in those cases to show players precisely how they veer off-track, offering them a chance to talk through plays and make changes prior to venturing once more into the court.
“We didn’t have that beforehand,” said Vaughn. “So correspondence, whether it was a clasp folks needed to see at halftime that we talked through, I feel that is where the trust is developing: to have the option to convey, to have the option to get clarification on some pressing issues, have a little mental security where you can ask and not be reproved and we attempt to sort this thing out together.”
The iPad has become one of Vaughn’s training peculiarities, a great deal like Kenny Atkinson’s signs from the sidelines before the Nets excused him in Year 1 of the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving time. The gadget is useful in light of the fact that, similar to his old mentor said, “the old eye overhead don’t lie,” and players can’t contend assuming Vaughn brings up their missteps in 4K.

“Folks clearly learn in various ways — and when they see it on the iPad, it’s reality,” Vaughn said after the group’s 112-100 win over the Wizards on Monday, Brooklyn’s fourth success in succession and eighth in its last nine. “So we’ll really group around, pull the clasp, have the option to outwardly see [the play], how we can get better from it, what truly happened [and] not your thought process occurred, and not terrible or unsafe sentiments. We as a whole are simply attempting to sort it out.”

The Nets have plainly answered Vaughn’s training style. In the wake of beginning 2-5 under Nash, the Nets are just a half-game behind the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Eastern Gathering’s No. 3 seed. The Nets have won 11 of their last 13 games and are 15-7 since Vaughn stepped in as Nash’s substitution.

A large part of the group’s prosperity is credited to Vaughn requesting each and every individual who plays minutes plays them hard.

“Jacque’s made obviously in the event that you’re not playing sufficiently hard, he will tell you about it,” said Irving.

The Nets have far to go. Their successes have come for the most part against center of the pack rivalry and they have battled against groups thought about real title competitors. It’s all important for the interaction for a Nets group calculating to play its best ball toward the finish of the time.

“Most importantly we need to be an associated bunch on the two closures of the floor, and a ton of these plays that you make, in some cases you just must be there to safeguard your colleagues,” said Durant. “So when we had that to us that someone gets beat we must be there, someone could have committed an error on a switch or a secondary passage cut, we still need to be there and I think we been teaching that and the hustle plays accompany that and everyone’s becoming involved with it.

“That is the hardest piece of the game frankly, is to proceed to reliably do that each and every evening, and that is the extraordinary groups’ specialty: They dial it up each evening. In any event, when the offense isn’t working, you can in any case be an associated bunch on edge side. So we’re building somethings, and we’ve must keep on keeping tweaking.”