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Richard Johnson: Angelina Jolie is single and prepared to blend

Angelina Jolie is discontent with her single status while her ex is by all accounts at long last partaking in his best life, sources say.

The screen icon can’t comprehend how she isn’t dating somebody hot. She even told her group, “Take a gander at the hot sweetheart Cher has. Where could mine be?”

While in Rome shooting forthcoming “Without Blood” with Salma Hayek, Jolie inquired as to whether they could acquaint her with Måneskin frontman Damiano David.

While Jolie is on the record saying she has eyes for him, she didn’t go behind the stage at a Måneskin show in Rome, maybe in light of the fact that her oldest girl was with her.

Måneskin is the most sultry musical crew on the planet at the present time. “Damiano’s a sizzler,” said one fan.
“Big stake” — a restricted Sony Pictures TV series — needs a main man to play card shark turned-FBI source R.J. Cipriani.

“It would be a fantasy move to have Bradley Cooper leading the pack job,” a source near the creation says.

Cooper is a remote chance since he’s tremendously pursued in big-screen jobs, however he could be an extraordinary fit on the grounds that both he and Cipriani are from the hardscrabble roads of Philadelphia.

The series will recount the genuine story of how medication master Owen Hanson, a previous USC football player, gave Cipriani $2.5 million to wash by betting in Las Vegas, and how Cipriani figured out how to lose the entire pack … deliberately.

Cipriani became mindful the money came from drug bargains.

At the point when Hanson undermined Cipriani and his family, the speculator went to the FBI, whose specialists in the long run busted Hanson and later 1,000 different criminals.

Hanson was condemned in 2017 to over 21 years in government jail. The medication master was requested to relinquish $5 million, including extravagance vehicles, gems, getaway homes, a boat and interests in a few organizations.

The series is being chief delivered by Nicholas Stoller, who coordinated “Failing to remember Sarah Marshall,” “The Five-Year Commitment” and most as of late “Brothers.”

A source near the creation said list of things to get projecting would incorporate Channing Tatum playing thick-necked Hanson, while Cipriani’s significant other Greice Santo could be depicted by Brazilian entertainer Bruna Marquezine.

Likewise on the fantasy list is Sofia Vergara as Crista Velarde, a previous sweetheart of Cipriani who wedded Hanson and presented the two men. “Crista and Sofia are companions, in actuality,” said the source.

“‘Big stake’ is a story so mind blowing, it must be valid.”


Ice-T is in the middle of shooting “Regulation and Request: Exceptional Casualties Unit” and preparing to perform with 26 other rap masters at the Grammy grants, however he found opportunity to advance visual craftsman Vincent Peters.

“That is my man,” Ice-T told me. “He’s so super-skilled.”

Peters, known as Æthelstan, opens a show Feb. 8 at Carlton Expressive arts on Madison Road to counter Declaration 349 in Cuba, which disallows craftsmen from making any kind of music or workmanship without the public authority’s consent.

Ice-T purchased the main work in this series named “Blazes.”

“I went through a great deal of restriction in my profession,” Ice-T said. “I felt like this is the kind of thing I ought to be engaged with.”

Peters made this assortment to help the groups of the craftsmen in jail, including Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, one of Time Magazine’s Main 100 most compelling individuals in 2021, and Maykel Castillo, a Latin Grammy-winning rapper.

Ice-T, a star of “Regulation and Request: SVU” beginning around 2000, laughingly griped, “They film consistently. A film films constantly.”

In any case, he’s getting some much needed rest for the Grammy grants, where he’ll perform.

“It’s one of those offers you can’t turn down,” he said, “I didn’t believe the news should spread. I just got two tickets.”

On Feb. 17, Ice-T will be respected with a star on the Hollywood Stroll of Popularity. “It’s something I never envisioned,” said oneself conceded previous burglar and pimp.

“Every one of my companions will be there. They are more energized than I’m.”


The Coronavirus pandemic lockdown wasn’t fun, yet it could have more terrible assuming that all the alcohol stores had been shut.

Previous Gov. Andrew Cuomo, talking with Arthur Aidala on his AM 970 public broadcast The Power Hour, said, “We really squabbled over that. I was going down the rundown and they proposed alcohol stores and I said, ‘In what hypothesis are alcohol stores a fundamental business contrasted with all the other things?

“One of my associates said, ‘On the off chance that everyone must remain at home, you better ensure the alcohol stores are open.'”

Cuomo likewise faulted radicals in the state council for the majority of the issues New York faces.

“It isn’t so much that conservatives are diminutive individuals, it’s that they are dodging since they would rather not stand up and be seen.”


Chief Eric Rivas stations Charles Bronson (“Desire to die”) and Bernie Goetz in his next low spending plan film, “Enter Composition.”

After his sweetheart is assaulted, Rivas’ personality Sonny — rather than attempting to recuperate her through affection and backing — chooses to kill the attacker.

“Does a man reserve the option to kill an attacker that assaulted his sweetheart?” Rivas said.

“As Apache Ramos from ‘The Fighters’ makes sense of, ‘We are not Hollywood, We are hollyhood.'” Michael Musto, who prosecuted Rivas on “Judge Jerry” after he neglected to get compensated on three past movies, plays the city hall leader.

‘Enter Composition’ is set to debut in June.

“We don’t need to be casualties. The crook can turn into the casualty also,” Ramos said. “Just got to turn into a monster to manage a monster.”


Drew Barrymore had comic D’yan Timberland show up on her syndicated program in front of Backwoods’ appearance at The Bone chilling New York Periphery Celebration opening Feb. 15.
Woodland, who once wedded a sister, is 88 and as of late gotten the Guinness Book of World Records title for the Most established Working Female Entertainer On the planet. She’s been hailed by pundits as a shrewd variant of Betty White.


Jeffrey Beri, the pioneer behind No Canines Abandoned, will bring 50 canines saved from East Asian slaughterhouses to JFK on Feb. 9.

Beri has been working for more than a year to carry the canines into the USA because of a government restriction on creatures from 113 nations. The canines will then, at that point, become accessible for reception.


Beam Donovan star “Liev Schreiber” is a long-term ally of Andy Sabin’s South Fork Normal History Gallery.

On Feb. 11 Sabin will lead a stroll to detect the biggest local tiger lizard in the forest close to the exhibition hall to show nature darlings safeguarding the climate.