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Sovereigns high schooler lethally shot by lover’s ‘wild’

The young lady lethally shot by her sweetheart’s 15-year-old sibling in a clear mishap couldn’t ever have gone to the vehicle where she kicked the bucket in the event that she had realized anybody was holding a firearm, says the casualty’s broken mother.

“She was frightened by weapons,” Karen O’Brian, the mother of 17-year-old casualty Shantasia O’Brian, told the Daily News. “On the off chance that she realized there was a firearm in the vehicle, she couldn’t ever have gotten into his vehicle.”

Shantasia kicked the bucket Friday — simply a day prior to her eighteenth birthday celebration — on 136th Ave. close to Brookville Blvd. in Laurelton after her beau got her in his vehicle.
The lover’s young kin was sitting in the secondary lounge and playing with a firearm when the weapon went off, sending a projectile through the back front seat and into Shantasia’s back around 5 p.m., her family told The News.

However police wouldn’t absolutely call the shooting unplanned, the charges documented against the youngster suggest that he discharged the lethal shot accidentally — he was accused of murder, for “foolishly” causing her demise. He was likewise accused of weapon ownership and altering proof, for disposing of the firearm, as per police.

The high schooler suspect, whose name was not delivered due to his age, was summoned in Manhattan Criminal Court on Sunday night and requested held at an office show to the city Administration for Children’s Services, as per a Law Department representative.
He was scheduled to show up in Queens Family Court on Tuesday.

Shantasia had recently begun taking classes at the College of Staten Island and as of late met a kid in the area close to Queens Village, where she grew up, her mom said.

Her family got her last week to commend the high schooler’s birthday at a Bronx fish house Friday night, yet she requested to go to a recreation area with a couple of companions, promising she’d be back in time for the supper festivity.

Rather than hearing back from her girl, O’Brian got a devastating call from a “‘Shantasia’s been shot,” man said, “‘Shantasia’s been shot,” prior to hanging up.

Surgeons took Shantasia to Jamaica Hospital, yet she was unable to be saved.